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The first affiliate marketing platform for NFT in the world.
PolyNFT is a combined platform of AI Photo Generator, Minting, Marketplace and Affiliate Marketing on Polygon chain. It is built for individual creators, project owners, and also for marketers.
PolyNFT serves the 4 main purposes of:
  • Facilitating all NFT demands including: Producing AI Artworks, NFTizing and Monetizing the artworks
  • Bringing NFT Collections to more audiences.
  • Better benefiting Affiliate Marketers.
  • Making it easy to generate NFTs from all project’s artworks without coding knowledge requirements.
Main Features:
AI photo generator - PolyAI: an AI image generator developed by PolyNFT, first combining AI & blockchain technology solution
NFT Marketplace, where users list every NFT they own for sale. PolyNFT provides verification for original NFTs to prevent users from getting scammed.
NFT Staking System, where PolyNFT’s Zodiac NFTs are staked for real yield.
NFT single and batch minting, where individual creators and project founders generate their NFT collections from their artworks. Users can deploy their own contract with independent series numbers, which distinguish their NFT collections from others of the same minting platform.
Launchpad, where a new token / NFT collection gets launched (IDO/INO).
Premium Affiliate Program, where people earn commissions from referring activity. It costs $100 to activate the Affiliate account. There are only 2000 accounts to be activated in 2023. This policy aims to prevent fraudulent claims. Commission is1% for Tier 1 and 0,5% for Tier 2, based on total sale volume, lifetime commission.
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