Staking Reward

Rewards for staking the 12 Zodiac NFTs is paid in USDT.

Distribution Rate

In Q4 and Q1 '2023, the APY is 120%-240%. From Q2 '2023, this rate is calculated upon the fees collected from PolyNFT Marketplace activities. This is the simplest form reward and the easiest to understand: 28% of the fees collected from across PolyNFT platform will be spent on rewarding the NFT stakers. If it comes to any other chains beside Polygon, the paid currency would be USDT of that certain chain, e.g. USDT-ERC20 in the case of Ethereum Network.

PolyNFT generates revenues by charging traders 2.5% fees from every trade implement. It’s important for PolyNFT so that we could provide stable and sustainable market infrastructure for everyone.

The chart below summarizes the platform fees and how they flow back to Zodiac NFT stakers after being converted to USDT.

The collected fees are updated every Friday, and reward is distributed to NFT stakers in 3 months afterward. This is to better benefit our long - term investors.

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