PolyNFT Bounty Testnet Guide


You’re NEW to NFTs? This Testnet program is perfect for you, allowing you to experience all aspects of NFTs at no cost.

You’re a creator of NFT projects or an experienced NFT hunter? Take advantage of PolyNFT's Testnet program to gain an ADVANTAGE by participating from the beginning.

Simple steps to follow (with specific instructional videos):

1. Fill out the registration form to participate in the program and receive $1000 USDT testnet for spending on the platform: Registration

2. Add the Polygon Testnet (Mumbai) network and get $Matic Testnet to use as gas fees while testing: Gas

3. Discover the features on PolyNFT: Access the web link: dapp-testnet

- Customize user profile: (suitable for all users) - instructional video: Custom Profile

- Create a "folder" collection to store later NFTs: (suitable for NFT project founders, artists who want to release their own NFTs) - instructional video: Collection

- Mint a single NFT with any quantity - instructional video: Single Mint

- Mint an entire collection of NFTs with multiple items with different stats, prices, and levels - instructional video: Batch Mint

- Participate in buying and selling NFTs on the marketplace (suitable for all users) - instructional video: Buy-Sell

- Make an offer for the NFT you want to buy - instructional video: Make Offer

- Activate the Affiliate Marketing program - instructional video: Affiliate

End of testnet.

PolyNFT encourages users to experience all products, if any errors/bugs are found during the testnet process, please send information via the following form: Bugs Report

In addition to the announced rewards, wallets participating in the testnet program have the opportunity to receive airdrops from the PolyNFT’s development fund in the future.

Any questions about the testnet program are welcome by the PolyNFT admin team at: PolyNFT TG Global

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