Approved Applicants

Communities that received supporting and funding from the Community Assistance Program

PiNetwork Vietnam NFT Collection

Timeline: Jan 27 - Feb 15, 2023

Reward: $3000


CoinLAB NFT Collection

Timeline: Feb 18 - Mar 10, 2023

Reward: $5000


Flowers of March NFT Collection

Timeline: Mar 8 - Mar 15, 2023

Reward: For rewarding Zodiac Owners and Affiliate Marketers



The METAVAULT.TRADE Collection Description

The Metavault Trade NFT Collection is an exclusive set of digital assets created and issued by PolyNFT, taking its concept from the original Metavault Trade. It is a collection of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that can be kept, traded, and exchanged among users, and what’s more, the collection is a #freemint campaign especially for Metavault Trade community with the reward sponsored by PolyNFT.

The #freemint event description

The METAVAULT.TRADE collection consists of 7200 NFTs in the form of Alphabets. Collecting enough letters to spell out the word M-E-T-A-V-A-U-L-T will entitle users to share the reward of $8000 (paid in $MVX token ~ 2580 $MVX)

In order to participate in the #freemint campaign, users can choose among the following tasks:

  • Hold a ZodiacNFT to earn 1 #freemint slot EVERYDAY (total: ~ 5 slots) during the minting phase

  • Activate an Affiliate Account to earn 1 #freemint slot

  • Do whitelist tasks on PolyNFT launchpad to earn up to 5 #freemint slots per account

Note: There is 4% rate of empty boxes to be minted.


Event Timeline

Whitelist time: March 22 - 31

Minting start: April 02 - 07

Winning sets submission: TBA

Winners Announcement: TBA

Reward Distribution: TBA

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