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PolyNFT Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Program of PolyNFT is the first-ever Affiliate function integrated into an NFT marketplace. Our program is designed to reward our valuable community members for their support and contribution to our platform. Below are the features of our affiliate marketing program.
NFT Collections Covered
Our affiliate program is applicable to all NFT collections on the PolyNFT marketplace, including the Zodiac NFT collection.
Commission Rates
Commission rates for referring new buyers for Zodiac collection are Tier 1 - 5% and Tier 2 - 3% on the Zodiac minting price. For other collections on the marketplace, the commission rates are Tier 1 - 60%, Tier 2 - 40% on 2.5% of the selling price paid by the seller.
Activation Fee
To activate the affiliate function, a one-time fee of $100 is required.
Premium NFT
An activated account will receive a Premium NFT to keep all recordings of affiliate history. The Premium NFT is transferable, and so are the referrals attached to it.
Transfer Conditions
The Premium NFT can only be transferred / sold to wallets that have not activated the affiliate function / never owned any Premium NFT before. The wallet that transfers the Premium NFT away will not be able to activate the affiliate function / own a Premium NFT ever again.
Checking for Referrals' Information
Users can connect their affiliate wallet on the website to check for information about their referrals of the two tiers, activation status of their referrals, or how many purchasing transactions the referrals have conducted.
Premium NFT Availability
The supply of Premium NFT is unlimited. However, only 2000 NFTs will be issued in 2023.
Join Our Affiliate Program
We believe that our community is our greatest asset, and we are committed to rewarding our members for their contributions. With our affiliate program, you can earn commission by referring new buyers to our marketplace. Join our program today and start earning!