Community Assistance Program

A program sponsored by PolyNFT to help various types of community to grow users via NFT Utilization

Provide your community with NFT artworks of both aesthetic and functional, with the sense of your community’s original style. This is PolyNFT’s program to popularize NFTs in use to major communities in the world.

Start launching your community’s NFT collections with zero-fee, zero-coding-knowledge, and even zero-designing-skill.

Apply now:

Fast and Simple

Applying for the Community Assistance Program is fast and simple. Briefly describe your community, fill in the required data, and you’re done.

Easy Requirements

PolyNFT reviews every application regarding their community’s size and vision, and that’s it. First come first served base is also considered.

All-in-one Assistance

PolyNFT grants full support to approved applicants, including designing, launching, and marketing of the communities’ NFT collections.

Reward Pool

Reward for communities’ members comes from PolyNFT’s Development Fund. The fund value varies from this community to others depending on the community's size and other criteria by PolyNFT

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