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  • What is a Zodiac NFT?

Zodiac NFTs are ERC-721 tokens issued on the Polygon network by PolyNFT, based on a story about 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. These NFTs have 5 different elements. You can mint NFTs then stake to receive rewards. Sell NFTs away whenever you want.

  • What is the difference between the 12 Zodiacs?

No difference

  • What is the difference between the 4 elements?

No difference

  • How to mint NFTs of my favorite zodiac?

Click the Mint button then PolyNFT will navigate you to the Mint section. Select the rarity, select your favorite zodiacs, then click the mint button. You need to prepare USDT for the minting fee. All elements have the same minting fee. You can also buy NFTs from other NFT Marketplaces. Make sure you double check the smart contract for Zodiac NFTs as:


It's always safe to double-check the address so that you are buying the right NFTs.

  • What is the reward flow?

PolyNFT generates revenues by charging traders small fees when they do the followings on our platform: Minting NFTs, trading NFTs, launchpad fee.

  • What is PolyNFT’s anti-fraud policy?

To activate the affiliate function, participants have to pay $100 USDT. These funds are meant to prevent fraudulent behaviors, and transferred to incentive reward pools. PolyNFT will trace addresses that have suspicious activities. We appreciate the integrity of the Affiliate Program. The fraudulent behaviors would lead to affiliate function dismissals.

  • What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program at PolyNFT is activated with a fee of $100 per account. The detailed commission for this program is as followed: Tier 1: 5% minting fee, Tier 3% minting fee. In the near future, when the PolyNFT Marketplace is launched, commission is counted on every sell transactions users make.

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